This is the home of the 1st Confederate Support Battalion, a Civil War Reenactment Organization.

We are a living history group portraying the history and development of the technical aspects of Specialized Companies throughout the Civil War.

We are affiliated with Hart’s Arkansas Artillery

 and the Trans-Mississippi Medical Corps.   

Engineer & Signal Corps



Conley’s Rocket Battery

1st Confederate

Support Battalion

Provisional Army of the

Confederate States

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For more information contact:

(918) 357- 2590


Update 6/8/2014



All of our associated Units always need additional manpower.   We are a family oriented group so all of your family is welcome to join. 

Major Bernie Cooper Commands the Battalion and does both an Engineer Officer and a Signal Corps Officer impression in a living history scenario. He delivers a rich historical and factual presentation of these men.


Captain Chris Spruell commands Company A, Conley’s Rocket Battery.  He also serves as Deputy Commander of the Battalion.