1st Confederate
Support Battalion

Battalion Pictures

             Engineer and Signal                                                Major Cooper serving as a staff officer at

         Camp at Perryville, IT 2006                                                         Perryville, IT  2006

                                                                                              front  Col. Spruell, Brig. Gen. McDonald

Engineer QM Sgt. Campbell at Perryville, IT                           Signals camp at Cane Hill, Ark.

1st Arkansas Light Artillery during                                          Telegraph Operators cooking

  Artillery School at Ft. Towson                                              breakfast at Round Mountain, OK

    Major Cooper and Telegraph Operator                                       Nurse Lori Cooper & Telegraph

    Lana Cooper at a living history event                                     Operator Lana Cooper at the Sutlers.

Captain Chris Spruell

Commander Company A

Conley’s Rocket Battery

Battalion Deputy Commander

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Major Bernie Cooper

Battalion Commander

Chief Engineer and Chief Signal Officer