1st Confederate
Support Battalion


Company A

Captain Chris Spruell commands Company A, Conley’s Rocket Battery.

He also serves as Deputy Commander of the Battalion.

Company A has a total of four reproductions of a Hale Rocket Launcher and uses them in reenactments and for Living history demonstrations.


   Hale’s rockets were used in limited numbers by both the North and South.  Specifically Greer’s Rocket Battery of the Texas Light Artillery utilized this system and was active in the Trans-Mississippi Theater.  Capt. John S. Greer’s Rocket Battery had rockets made in Houston and Galveston Texas.


   Our best launcher we have was made at a local machine shop from measurements taken from an original tube launcher at the U.S. Army Artillery Museum in Ft. Sill, OK. We also have two dummy rockets. Launchers were made both tube and trough style.


    Hale used a 2 1/4 inch, 6 pound shell that had an effective range of about 1,200 yards. They had a maximum range of in excess of 4000 yards.


    Obviously, we cannot fire real rockets from the launcher, however common pop bottle rockets make a very nice impression.  

Conley’s Rocket Battery

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